Mission Statement

Once upon a time Marco Polo traveled the ancient silkroad to China.

He could neither anticipate the hardhips and risks nor could he anticipate the discoveries and wonders along the journey.

In the end he was rewarded for building a bridge between the East and the West. His journey was successful and his journals to fascinating to be believed.
Nowadays the travelling has become much easier and more convenient, but risks existing global business remain a crucial contraint for global trade and investment.

Our mission statement is to build a bridge in Real Estate between the East and the West by providing the proper cross border agency service for our clients in East or West.

Hereby we work

  • with high integrity
  • reliability
  • efficiency
  • for the benefit of our customers


During the conduction of our work and service, we highly respect the difference of other cultures, which we are acting in. We greet the different cultures and religions with the highest level of acceptance, consideration and respect.

We do not comment or judge on any political topics, geopolitical topics or political participants. The variety of our intercultural work has made us understood that it is very difficult to judge the political development or status of another country as a foreigner.