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   - Cross Border Real Estate Agency

   - Selective start-up consulting

   - Investor Relations work  

International Real Estate Agency

We are - together with Chinese partners - an international Real Estate Agency.


We have a selection of highly attractive commercial properties that we offer. We also now the process of purchasing commercial properties in Germany and want to lead through the process. We are marketing Commercial Properties in a very discrete way.


Foreign home buyers need more advice than domestic ones! We guide Chinese and other investors through the process of home buying, no matter if new, newly built or second hand property is needed. Our Chinese team members and our German manager collaborate to get the process done in a proper way and serving our clients at best endeavours.

We are selecting and sourcing high quality Commercial properties for our clients. We are offering office, hotel, retail properties in Tier 1 cities of Germany, but also in other attractive locations in Germany.  We have experience in the the structured process of purchasing those properties. Furthermore we guide through the process and advise on the investment management process.

Venture Capital Consulting

Venture Capital Consulting is the consulting of start-up companies with regards to the financing of their ideas, concepts, business activities or company development.

Collaborating in depth with our clients,SilkRoad Invest conducts a package of high quality, relevant materials, to communicate the story of the ventures.

In the next step, we contact relevant investors and present them the story, the venture candidate and the management team. Thus, we introduce the venture to the market.

Thanks to our wide and deep connections into VC industry, we are able to find the right investment from right investors and creat addtional value for our clients.

Furthermore, the venture enterpreneurs could allocate the time and efforts better for the business development.

IR Investor Relations Consulting



We offer roadshows to Greater China as a single product. Our clients could benefit from our connections and our investors database, in which we specialise in our core business regions.