Track Record (realised examples, permitted for publication)

We were mandated to search a land plot for a Chinese family. After this we coordinated the non technical part of the process of the house building. The building was done by a well established house building company in Germany. The house is to be built now and it is located in Frankfurt Harheim.

Chinese investors have bought an appartment over us in Mörfelden-Walldorf. It is for investment, living in it by themselves and later renting it out.

We have rented out office space to some Chinese and local companies in Kriftel near Frankfurt.


The office building offers representative space at reasonable conditions for the corporate tenants.

Successful Commercial Property sourcing for Chinese investors in the gastronomy field. The clients opened an Asia restaurant business in Greater Frankfurt region.


SilkRoad Invest successfully introduced a Chinese investor for a commercial property located in Federal State of Hesse in Germany.

Jewish investors who have mandated SilkRoad Invest Ltd. as their real estate agent purchased apartments in the building in Offenbach, which was introduced to the family by SilkRoad Invest Ltd..


May 2014: Chinese Macao residents flew to Germany and also bought in this site after having mandated us. in 2015 they repeated this.

January 2014: SilkRoad Invest Ltd. was mandated as real estate agency for selling the property Frankfurt Central Sachsenhausen. We have sold this property to a French investor who has a migration background.


Live It China - a successful start-up financing deal closed by SilkRoad Invest


July 2013: SilkRoad Invest has successfully introduced an Investor for the Start-up . A considerable investment of 14.5m HKD of the investor introduced by SilkRoad Invest took place. A Roadshow in Hong Kong and China was the base of this success.


November 2012: SilkRoad Invest Ltd. was mandated in an Investment Introduction Agreement by a Language Learning Social Media System on a Financing of 15 to 20 million Hong Kong Dollars.


The we development and marketing approach of the start-up has started.

SilkRoad Invest was mandated in an Investment Introduction Agreement by SinoMedico Group to find part Financing sources and to solve specific corporate development tasks. Forthermore we conducted a Roadshow for Sinomedico. SilkRoad Invest succeded in conducting the Roadshow and raising capital.


Media coverage and events

Gala dinner and kick off event of LiveItChina sponsored by SilkRoad Invest

LiveItChina Management and SilkRoad Invest management celebrating their successful collaboration on a Gala Dinner event in Hong Kong on October 25, 2013. The event serves as a Kickoff-Event for LiveItChina. SilkRoad Invest successfully introduced a Venture Capital investor for LiveItChina after having been mandated and guiding trough the financing process. Also a Roadshow had been conducted by SilkRoad Invest. A considerable financing of 14.5m HKD has been agreed and installed for LiveItChina. SilkRoad Invest sponsored the evening.

60 persons from the start-up scene, the investor, deal involved persons or institutions, LiveItChina friends and family, SilkRoad Invest friends and family have been the attending the Gala Dinner in the famous Peking Garden restaurant in Central Hong Kong. Later a party gathering in the famous Armani Bar in Hong Kong took place.

Congratulations to LiveItChina management for this achievent. All the best for the future business, product and corporate development and to convert the the concept and the idea into business reality!

Management of LiveItChina thanking the investor for their commitment and their team and SilkRoad Invest for the hard work that has been conducted. Special thanks also goes to the Cyberport incubation programme LiveItChina benefited from.

Management of LiveItChina presenting their business concept once more time...

...while relevant audience listening.

and the Management and team members of LiveItChina enjoying the event...

...and also themselves...



July 4, 2013: The Financial times is quoting Robert Fruechtl of SilkRoad Invest Ltd. on investment preferences of Chinese investors.

. Interview in HK Commercial Daily

Interview of at that time Diretor Robert Fruechtl in Hong Kong Commercial Daily - the traditional, reputated and relevant business newspaper in Hong Kong on 15. May 2013


  • German Real Estate market (Housing) in international comparison
  • Recent developments in the German Housing Market
  • Chances and risks for investors
  • The expertise of SilkRoad Invest Ltd.


Feel free to contact us for our reserach on this topic! We have a research paper conducted.


24 Nov. 2012: SilkRoad Invest Ltd. speaking at BFA Augsburg in Frankfurt Germany on Venture Capital Market and Startup scene in Germany. The audience of around 50 people frequently asking and gathering information on global startup scene.